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Coaching Services

Lynn provides individual, couples, or small group coaching to anyone who is ready to enhance their life. Based on the needs and comfort of the client, Lynn will meet at a location of their choice. If distance is an issue, Lynn welcomes phone coaching. Lynn's service is not based solely on time, but more on the comfort level of the client. An average meeting time is 1 - 1.25 hrs. Lynn's service can be purchased in single meetings, four meeting packages, or four meeting packages with ongoing support. The latter package invites clients to call for short chats (10 min. max), and/or email as necessary, in addition to their scheduled weekly/bi-weekly meeting with Lynn. This is a tremendous value!

Lynn has looked at the wellness industry and has priced her meetings accordingly. (Coaching fees are comparible to most insurance co-pays). Life Coaching is an affordable, confidential service that will transform your life.

When Lynn becomes your coach, she will be:

• An objective partner, who may give suggestions, but does not force ideas or advice.
• A "devils advocate" who helps you see a situation from another perspective.
• A trusted individual who has your best interest at heart.
• A focused listener who asks direct questions.
• A speaker of truth, who may not always say what you want to hear.
• A supportive mentor who will energize and motivate you to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

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Please call Lynn at (715) 355-1590 for a consultation.