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Parenting the Lefkoe Way

Created by Shelly Lefkoe

- Are you in a power struggle with your children?

- Do you feel drained and exhausted?

- Do you wonder if what you are doing is the best approach to parenting?

- Do you want to raise well adjusted children with high levels of self esteem?

If you answered "Yes" to any or all of these questions, this program is for YOU!

"Parenting the Lefkoe Way" is a 7-part program, condensed into a 3 week class to better accommodate busy schedules.   You will learn skills and strategies necessary to raise happy, healthy children.  It is designed as a proactive approach to parenting, with an emphasis on awareness and conscious living.

Along with discovering positive parenting skills, you will uncover beliefs that you have that may be causing challenges in your home.

Special Price:  $79
Bring a companion for an additional $39

Weekly Topics

Meeting 1 -     A Revolutionary Approach to Parenting/The Two Most Important Questions

Meeting 2 -     Belief Systems and Effective Parenting/Building Self Esteem in Children/The Secrets of Effective Parenting

Meeting 3 -     Beliefs That Destroy Families/Beliefs Beyond Your Control 

Gather with other parents to gain support, create new strategies, and learn how this very simple way of parenting will change your home environment.

Class is limited to 10 participants.

Lefkoe Way Testimonials

"When I heard about the parenting class, I was unsure about what that meant.  I thought I knew how to parent.  I also knew that things did not run smoothly at our house, lots of yelling and complaining.  So I went into this not knowing what to expect, but with an open mind. It ended up being so much more than a parenting class.  I learned so much about myself and my beliefs.  I learned how to calmly deal with situations that in the past, would drive me crazy.  I was so excited each week to come home and try some of the techniques that we would learn each night.  When I realized how many times they worked and how it didn't take much to do them, I was amazed!  It made me feel so good every time I could put a technique into use.  I found myself constantly looking for situations to use them.  I have used so much of what I've learned in every part of my life, not just with my kids, but also at work.  I would encourage anybody with children of any age to take this class!!  Lynn does an awesome job of reviewing and answering questions through the whole program.  She gives great examples to a lot of different situations.  I loved our conversations!  Thank you Lynn.  This has been life changing for me!"
- Sherri, Wausau

"Lynn's class was life changing.  Never before have I been so aware of what comes out of my mouth and the effect it has on others.  Lynn was able to facilitate an environment of growth and change, and after practicing the techniques, we were able to see almost immediate results.  Parents should be required to take this class, as the impact it will have on their children will last a lifetime.  Every week left you eager to return to share and learn.  Great job Lynn!"
- L.D. Wausau

"Thank you for this class.  There were times I had to fight back tears because you really made me think about what I was doing as a parent.  I wasn't ever hurting my child, but I was treating her as a small adult and not seeing things from her point of view or not really listening/hearing her, on her level.  I am so glad I took this class when my child was so young so that I now have the tools going forward."
- Wausau

Evaluation Comments

"This has been a life changing experience for me and my family."

"I liked being able to share our experiences using what we learned.  I liked hearing Lynn's stories and how she used this method."

"I wish we could have had longer discussion time either before or after the class."

"This class was awesome!"

"I liked what I learned about myself.  Loved the enthusiastic leader.  It was inspirational!"

"The personal experiences shared I thought were very valuable in the learning process."

"I liked learning how to communicate, then seeing the change in my child."

"I loved being able to share my own challenges and receive input.  I loved learning many life-changing ways to think and practical ways to make changes."

"I have seen changes immediately!"

"It was too cheap!  You could charge more for this program.  It is super awesome!"

"The information and directives were great.  You did great, honest, and making it your own program based on Lefkoe's way."

"How could you NOT want this for your children & family?"

"It was very enjoyable."

"I would recommend this program to others."

If you have a group of parents interested in the class, please contact me and we will set up a time that is convenient for your group OR call if you alone are interested.  I may be in the process of forming a group and we would love to invite you to join us!

Please call 715-355-1590 or email us

Although this program is designed to be proactive and preventative, all parents/grandparents will greatly benefit from its content.

It is never too late to change beliefs!