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Group Coaching

"Weight Loss & Wellness" Group Coaching

When:  When it is most convenient for your group

Where:  A location of your choice, (Suggestion: Biggby Coffee, 3140 Rib Mountain Drive, Rib Mountain) OR at a group member's home

Cost:  $10/meeting

A group of 5-10 individuals meet weekly to review the week and evaluate results.  At that time, challenges are acknowledged and strategies created to ensure a better outcome. 

Requirement:  The individual must be comfortable sharing in a small group setting to have the best experience and benefit the most.

How Can a Life Strategies Coach Help with Weight & Wellness Goals?

The coach becomes an accountability partner and is available when guidance and support is needed.

The coach looks at options/possibilities outside of the client's peripheral vision.

The coach/client explore limiting beliefs that may have prevented the client from achieving their weight & wellness goals in the past & present.

The coach arms the client with tools/skills and is able to customize these skills to meet the client's needs.

The coach/client identify roadblocks/obstacles and then create strategies so the client is always making progress and seeing results.

If you have a group of friends, co-workers, family members, or any combination of individuals who struggle with weight and wellness goals, consider this very empowering option for meeting these goals!

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What is ONE Hidden Truth about Weight Loss?

"Willpower is NOT what is needed to reach your goals!"

 Are you ready to take the weight off AND keep it off?

You WILL see lasting results working with a Life Strategies Coach!

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