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Couples Program

Preventive Maintenance Strategies For Couples

Program Highlights

This program is designed for engaged, newly married, and any couple wanting to enhance and maintain their love for a lifetime. In just 12 meetings and a weekly fee comparable to a romantic dinner out, you will learn the skills that are essential for nurturing a lifelong relationship.

(The amount of meetings can be adjusted to meet your needs)

This program offers:
• 12 one-hour meetings in your home or location of your choice
• Support via phone/email throughout the program
• Understanding of the 3 essential elements of healthy relationships
• Pro-active strategies in 8 key areas for growth & understanding
• Planning meeting with a Financial Professional (Optional)
• Quality time with the person you love
• Deeper understanding of yourself and each other
• A relationship that will last a lifetime

Couple's Therapy

Guarantee:  If after 3 meetings you determine that this program has not brought you a deeper understanding of yourself and each other, your money will be graciously refunded. It’s really that simple.

Do you ever wonder what some couples are doing to stay in love, and what keeps the spark in their relationship?  Do you ever feel like your relationship needs a "tune up" or just needs to be "jump started?" If you want to learn practical ways to stay connected, you must enroll in this program!  This may be the most valuable gift you will ever give each other!

"We learned what it means to truly communicate to gain understanding of ourselves and our relationship.  We learned practical ways to help our relationship succeed.  Lynn made the program interesting and fun.  She has a genuine interest in helping couples maintain & improve their relationship."
Mike & Ana, Rib Mountain, WI

"Tired of dealing with PMS?  We're not.  Preventive Maintenance Strategies is the best thing that ever happened to us!"
Rick & Kara, Wausau, WI

"The tension between my partner and I was lifted and it felt OK to share my thoughts and feelings."  
Weston, WI

"I loved the content of the program.  I liked seeing my spouse communicate more openly throughout the program."
Weston, WI

"We loved the flexibility of scheduling and the length and coursework across multiple weeks.  The value of this program was superb!"
Wausau, WI

"When you were here, we were not afraid to expand on things that were bothering us.  We looked forward to the evening."  
Wausau, WI

 "This program helped me to focus and look inside myself to improve my relationship." 
Wausau, WI

 "This experience has been valuable to us.  We learned to focus on the loving nature of our relationship, what it means to communicate to gain understanding of ourselves and our relationship, and how to develop strategies to deal with problems that may arise.  We'd also like to say you were a joy to work with.  It is clear that you are very passionate about your work."
Wausau, WI

Call Lynn @ 715-355-1590 or email for more details.

Finally… a practical approach to understanding married life!