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Welcome to Vision to SOAR Life Coaching!  My love of people, and a desire to help them find inner peace has brought me to the profession of life coaching.  My hope is that you will let me help you pamper yourself on the inside, which will bring you a sense of peace and self love.  Pampering the inner you means taking the time to understand yourself so you become more confident, make better choices, and have healthier relationships.  When I become your partner, you will be filled with an energy that will motivate you to make necessary changes in yourself and in your life.  The benefits you will receive from working with a life coach are endless!

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Lynn A. Drake
Certified Life Strategies Coach

The Journey

Imagine wanting to drive across the country, but no one wants to go along. You realize that it’s a long trip, with challenges along the way, and you’re just not sure you want to go alone.  After much thought, you decide not to go.  Deep down you really wanted to, but the uncertainty, anxiety, and fear of making this trip alone prevents you from this exciting adventure.

Now, imagine this same trip with a trusted person riding in the passenger seat.  You are in the drivers seat, and feel confident because you have a companion with you!   You know there will be challenges, but having someone along to encourage you through these challenges will give you peace of mind.  Your companion may see things along the way that may not be visible to you.  Having this wider field of vision will allow more opportunities along the way, and prevent some possible mishaps.  You realize this journey is something you can do with someone by your side.

 A life coach is your companion in the passenger's seat.  Life’s challenges are always easier with someone by your side.

 I would love to accompany you on life's journey!

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About Lynn

Lynn is a high energy individual, whose emphasis is helping people rediscover themselves. Her strength lies in communication, problem solving, managing stress, self improvement, and building healthy relationships. Her experience comes from her own journey, along with completing the Life Strategies Coaching Course from Spencer Institute in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Her training includes Hemispheric Integration, Neurolinguistics, and Spencer Wellness Concepts in a context-driven approach. Lynn strongly believes that if you can visualize yourself in a desired state, and are willing to explore different processes, you can become what you see. In addition to visualization, Lynn is confident that changing your thoughts, will change your life! Her genuine love of people and her passion for helping others makes Lynn a desirable choice for people that want to enhance their life.


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Lynn A. Drake
Certified Life Strategies Coach


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